One of the types of capacitive equipment is a hopper (silo). It is designed to store cement, grain and other types of bulk materials. To ensure greater efficiency, hoppers (silos) can be equipped with an aspiration filter, the presence of which allows reducing dust formation during loading/unloading.

Metal hoppers (silos) with a volume are designed to store bulk materials (grain, corn, cement, sawdust, gypsum, etc.). They can be used to receive raw materials from a cement truck or other transporter.

Hoppers (silos) can be all-welded or built in sections. To optimize the technological process, a hopper (silo) can be equipped with an aspiration filter and other equipment.

A typical hopper (silo) consists of the following structural elements:

 Ÿ outer casing;

Ÿ funnel;

Ÿ cover;

Ÿ blower nozzle;

Ÿ filling pipe.

The complete set of the hopper (silo) with an aspiration filter and other additional equipment allows optimizing the technological process. In the manufacture of a hopper (silo) for storing bulk materials, the use of carbon steel is justified. This makes it possible to reduce the overall cost of the structure, which, after appropriate anti-corrosion treatment, is not inferior in characteristics to a stainless counterpart. The hopper (silo) for storing bulk products is made in the form of a vertical metal container with a cone-shaped bottom, and is mounted on a supporting steel frame. The size of the storage directly depends on the estimated volume of raw materials.


The package of the hopper (silo) for bulk materials includes:

- Silo body with cement injection pipe

- Silo support

- Protection rails on the roof of the silo

- A set of couplings, flanges for connecting sensors and a filter

- Lifting ladder to the roof of one silo

- Painting of all supplied metal structures primer - enamel, according to the customer's RAL.

Additionally, we can offer galvanized stairs and railings.


As a rule, hoppers (silos) for food materials (grains, corn, etc.) are larger than those for cement. Equipping the hopper (silo) with an aspiration filter ensures compliance with sanitary standards and reduces the likelihood of dust formation. 

As a rule, for the manufacture of hoppers (silos) with a volume of 12 m3 to 60 m3, carbon steel is used. This makes it possible to reduce the cost of the product without compromising its characteristics. Here is the presentation of our own production of hoppers (silos) with an aspiration filter of the following volumes:

Ÿ 12 m3;

Ÿ 20 m3;

Ÿ 30 m3;

Ÿ 40 m3;

Ÿ 50 m3;

Ÿ 60 m3.

A hopper (silo) for bulk materials has: the wall thickness of the lower shell and the cone is 5 mm, the thickness of the upper shells is 4 mm, DN=2500 mm.


It is possible to manufacture hoppers (silos) for cement and other bulk materials, both standard and custom-made, with a capacity of up to 200 tons.

The size is limited only by the possibility of transportation to the installation site.
For the present, we have experience in the production of silos with a volume of 15 m3 to 150 m3.