OOO Prototype Manufacturer Belenergomash is more than 40 years on the market of metal structures and power engineering.

OOO Prototype Manufacturer Belenergomash was organized in 1977 by order of the Ministry of Energy And Electrification  No. 231 dated August 12, 1977, in the city of Belgorod. Dynamically developing from the moment of its foundation, the company is now a modern production complex specializing in the manufacture of metal structures, as well as equipment for the petrochemical industry.

Metal structures manufactured by OOO Prototype Manufacturer Belenergomash are used in the construction of energy facilities, industrial buildings and structures, sports and shopping and entertainment centers.

The production capacities of the plant allow the production of metal structures of all complexity groups, including bodies of revolution of cylindrical and conical shapes. This range of possibilities is provided by the presence of specialized equipment: gas and plasma cutting of metal with CNC, three and four roll bending machines, an automated line for the production of a welded I-beam under a layer of flux, semi-automatic welding machines in an argon and carbon dioxide environment, guillotines, drilling, face milling, lathes, leveled plazas for the assembly of metal structures, etc.

Finished products fully comply with the requirements of GOST 23118-2012 and SP53-101, in confirmation of which quality certificates are issued for products.

A separate area of activity of the enterprise is the manufacture of oil and gas condensate processing plants (mini-refineries) of low productivity (20-500 thousand tons a year). The structure of the mini-refinery includes directly the hydrocarbon processing unit (UPN), commodity and raw materials park, loading and unloading racks, fire extinguishing facilities, treatment facilities, boiler room, compressor room, operator room, laboratory and other off-site facilities.

Oil refining units manufactured by OOO Prototype Manufacturer Belenergomash make it possible to obtain the following oil products:

- straight-run gasoline fraction - naphtha, suitable for use as a component for A-80 motor gasoline, as a raw material for petrochemistry or solvent production;

- kerosene fraction, which, depending on the properties of the raw material and the Customer's wishes, can be used independently as solvent gasoline or lighting kerosene, or added to the diesel fraction;

- fraction of diesel fuel, which, as a rule, meets the requirements of GOST 305-82 for one of the grades of diesel fuel;

- heating oil;

- residue over 350°C, meeting the requirements of GOST 10585-75 for one of the grades of fuel oil, or can be used as a raw material for producing bitumen.

With the expansion of the composition of the installation, bitumen, narrow fractions of solvent gasolines, A-80 commercial gasoline and more can be additionally obtained from the above fractions.

Technical documentation for the above-named products (metal structures and mini-refineries) is developed by our own design-engineering department using modern software, in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

OOO Prototype Manufacturer Belenergomash has all the necessary permits from Rostekhnadzor of the Russian Federation for the design and use of manufactured products. Quality control and testing are carried out at all stages of production. The control assembly, as well as the entire required amount of destructive and non-destructive testing of products, is carried out using up-to-date evaluation methods, both according to Russian and foreign standards.