Column equipment

OOO Prototype Manufacturer Belenergomash manufactures column equipment designed for heat exchange processes (rectification, absorption, desorption, cooling and gas purification, etc.) in the chemical, oil refining, metallurgical, food and other industries.

Columns are ordered according to individual projects. Carbonaceous and corrosion-resistant steel is the material used for manufacturing of columns. The equipment complies with the requirements of GOST 12.1.0003-83, GOST 12.1.012-2004, GOST 12.2.003-91, GOST 14249-89 and is approved for use by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.

The columns are manufactured with various types of internal devices up to 5,000 mm in diameter and up to 65 m in length. They can be used as the main technological equipment for absorption, desorption, rectification, as well as for cooling, humidification and gas purification. Inside the column there are various types of plates - sieve, bubble-cap, packed, grid, valve and others.

Equipment diameter is up to 5,000 mm, operating pressure is up to 16 MPa, operating temperature is from -60о  C to + 300о  C, volume is up to 200 m3, weight is up to 120 tons.


Distillation columns

Ÿ atmospheric columns;

Ÿ vacuum columns;

Ÿ fractional columns of catcracking and hydrocracking units.

Steam-stripping columns

Ÿ columns for stripping diesel fractions;

Ÿ columns for stripping gas oil fractions.

Absorption columns

Ÿ absorbers for amine gas purification from CO2 and H2S;

Ÿ absorbers for glycol gas dehydration.

Gas fractionation columns

Ÿdeethanizers, depropanizers, debutanizers

Condensate stabilization column

Bitumen oxidizing column