OOO Prototype Manufacturer Belenergomash manufactures metal structures, both according to standard and according to individual projects of customers:

Ÿ steel building constructions and technological metal structures for industrial buildings and structures for all industries;

Ÿ steel building constructions for civil buildings, including shopping and leisure centers and sports centers;

Ÿ containers for various purposes and of different volumes (made of stainless steel in particular), hoppers, silos.

All metal structures have industrialized constructions from rolled steel of wide use using welded and bolted joints. Profiles of rectangular and square section are widely used. In structures with welded joints, high-performance welding methods are used. All welding technologies were certified and are authorized for use.

Bolted joints correspond to the operational functions of the connected elements of steel structures of buildings and structures.

 Technological instructions are drawn up for critical products, assemblies and parts.  These instructions give description of technological and control operations, safety measures.

 Computer technology is widely used at the plant, which makes it possible to carry out technical preparation of production at a high level and ensure high quality of products.

Quality control and testing are carried out at all stages of production.

Each product is subjected to an acceptance test, which includes verification of:

Ÿ completeness of the product;

Ÿ overall and fitting dimensions;

Ÿ welds of sling devices;

Ÿ quality of welds of a product;

Ÿ surface quality;

Ÿ the correctness of marking application on individual units and parts;

Ÿ the presence of welders' stamps on welded joints;

Ÿ conservation;

Ÿ quality of coating and packaging;

Ÿ availability of technical documentation attached to the product.

In the manufacture of critical structures, the enterprise carries out a control assembly of the product on its own production sites.

To increase the service life of metal structures, at the request of the customer, anti-corrosion protection is carried out by applying primer, enamels, as well as hot-dip galvanizing.

The highly qualified personnel, modern equipment, the latest technologies and 37 years of experience allow us to fulfill orders of varying complexity in the required timescale.

 In addition, the company produces welded beams according to TU (technical specifications) 0908-007-45807177-2008. Melnikov CNIIPSK (research and design institute of metal structures) developed the specifications especially for our company.

 Welded I-beams are made from steel sheet on a specialized line and welded by automatic submerged arc welding. They are intended for use in steel building structures of the frames of residential, agricultural and industrial buildings. The dimensions of the I-beams along the wall height range from 250 to 1500 mm with a thickness of 6 to 40mm, and the width of the shelves is limited to 200-800 mm with a thickness of 6-40 mm.

I-beams comply with the requirements of GOST (national standard) 23118, SP (regulations) 53-101 and rolled I-beams manufactured according to STO ASCHM (standards of iron and steel industry association) 20-93.

 The welded version makes it possible to manufacture box-section beams, bisteel beams, when the web is made of less durable metal than the flanges, which makes it possible to reduce the cost of a beam in relation to a rolled one. At the request of the customer, it is possible to supply welded beams of any standard sizes and different lengths.


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