OOO Prototype Manufacturer Belenergomash develops, manufactures and supplies complete raw hydrocarbon refining units (oil, gas condensate) of low productivity (20 - 500 thousand tons a year).

 The basic conditions for the delivery of installations for the processing of hydrocarbon raw materials include:

Ÿ Obtaining initial data for design and their approval

Ÿ Development of:

- installation process layout;

- projects of non-standard equipment;

- working draft of the OUT (oil treatment unit)  with reference to communications;

- delivery of the main equipment in a block design for the assembly of the plant on site.


The main equipment includes distillation columns, furnaces, separators, tanks, heat exchange equipment, a crude desalter unit, steam superheaters, air coolers.


The scope of delivery is agreed upon when ordering:


Ÿ Supply of equipment for equipping the control panel (includes computerized process control system, etc.);

Ÿ Supply of supplementary equipment (tanks, pump units, boiler rooms, service platforms, materials, etc.) for equipping the warehouse and off-site facilities. If necessary, laboratory equipment can be supplied;

Ÿ Installation and commissioning supervision;

Ÿ Commissioning.

The equipment is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the current regulations and standards, including environmental, and in accordance with customer requirements, taking into account the parameters of raw materials and local geographical conditions. Our refineries successfully operate in various regions of the country with different weather conditions, where the free-air temperature varies from minus 70°С to plus 50°С.


Highly qualified specialists of the enterprise carry out all the necessary amount of destructive and non-destructive testing of products using evaluation methods, both according to Russian and foreign standards.


At installations with only an atmospheric distillation unit, the following products are obtained from low-sulfur raw materials:

Ÿ Straight-run gasoline fraction - naphtha, suitable for use as a component of A-80 motor gasoline, as a raw material for petrochemistry or for the production of solvents;

Ÿ Kerosene fraction, which, depending on the properties of the raw material and the wishes of customer, can be used independently as a petroleum solvent or lamp kerosene, or added to the diesel fraction;

Ÿ Diesel fraction, which, as a rule, meets the requirements of GOST 305-82 for one of the grades of diesel fuel;

Ÿ Heating oil;

Ÿ Residue above 350°С, meeting the requirements of GOST 10585-75 for one of the grades of residual oil, or can be used as a raw material for producing bitumen.

With the extension of plant configuration, bitumen, narrow fractions of gasoline-solvents, commercial gasoline A-80 can be additionally obtained from the above fractions.

We also build in dehydration and desalination units in case there are raw materials with high content of water and salts. If necessary, delivery of the following units is possible:

Ÿ An oil vacuum distillation unit for the production of vacuum gas oils, and tar from residual oils;

Ÿ An oxidation unit for the production of road and construction bitumen from tar;

Ÿ A compounding unit to increase the octane number of straight-run gasoline up to A-80;

Ÿ A catalytic reforming unit for the production of high-octane gasoline A-76, A-92, A-98 from straight-run fraction;

Ÿ A catalytic cracking unit for deep processing of fuel oil.

OOO Prototype Manufacturer Belenergomash also manufactures non-standard equipment according to the drawings and technological projects of a customer for the oil, gas, oil refining, chemical, petrochemical and other industries. To order products from the section above, please contact the sales department in any way convenient for you: +7 (4722) 22-76-86